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1. Under what types of floors can the product be installed?
    a. Floating Laminate
    b. Floating Engineered Hardwood
    c. Locking Hardwood
    d. Floating Bamboo
    e. Not for use with vinyl or ceramic.

2. Can it be nailed through or glued down?
    No, it cannot be nailed through or glued down.

3. Do you have to acclimate the Blue Hawk 4-in-1 underlayment to the room for 48 hours like the flooring?
    No, the Blue Hawk 4-in-1 underlayment does not have to be acclimated.

4. Do you need to have a space/gap between the underlayment and the wall or baseboard?
    This is referred to as "expansion gap."

    No, space/gap is not needed between the underlayment.

5. Do the open and butt end seams need to be taped when installed on cement?
    Yes, the open and butt end seams should be taped, especially when moisture vapor is a concern.

6. What kind of tape can we used on open seams?
     Lowes red Underlayment Seaming Tape is preferred for over concrete floors.

7. Do the open and butt end seams need to be taped above grade?
    Recommended for ease of installation, but not required.

8. Do you have to tape the perimeter of the room?
    No, the perimeter of the room does not need to be taped.

9. Does it matter which way the boards go over the Blue Hawk 4-in-1 underlayment?
    No, it does not matter which way the boards go over the underlayment.

10. Will dents from walking on it affect the product or void the warranty?
    No, dents and footprints will not void the warranty.  
Our XPS foam is designed to indent around minor imperfections in the floor to help make it level and smooth. 

11. Will tears or holes in the product affect the product's performance or void the warranty?
     Yes, you must tape over all tears, holes and punctures when installed over concrete floors.

12. Does the product have moisture barrier?
     The Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate is .01 lb/24 hr/1000 SF which is the best in the industry

13. Does the silver side go up or down?
     The film/silver side goes up.

14. Can the product be used on a cement, wood, plywood and Gypcrete subfloors?
     Yes, they can be used on cement, wood, plywood and Gypcrete subfloors.

15. Can the product be used on suspected moisture problem floors?
     The Blue Hawk 4-in-1 is not recommended to be used on moisture problem floors where a calcium chloride
     test shows moisture greater than 5 lbs./1000 SF /24 hours.

16. What is the R Value?
     The R Value is 4.5 per inch.

17. Can your product be used for radiant flooring systems?
     Yes, the Blue Hawk 4-in-1 can be used under radiant floors.

18. Is it good for sound and will it improve the sound quality in the room.
     Yes, it is excellent for sound.

19. Is your sound testing with or without a drop ceiling?
     The sound testing is with a drop ceiling.

20. Will it take the hollowness, plastic or clicky sound out of laminate floors?
     Yes, it will improve it drastically, and makes your laminate sound more like real hardwood.

21. Will it help stop sound from the above floor to lower?
     Yes, it will help reduce sound transmission. The IIC (Impact Isolation Class) rating is 69. The STC
     (Sound Transmission Class) rating is 67.

22. How many square feet in a box?
     There is 100 square feet in a box, one 4' x 25' piece lays flat.

23. What is the thickness of the product?
     The product thickness is 2.5mm.

24. Can Blue Hawk 4-in-1 be installed under laminate with attached foam pad?
     Lowes does not recommend that any underlayment be installed under attached pad laminate.

25. Do the grid lines have to line up from row to row? 
No, the grid lines are used only for reference to help installers cut straight lines. 

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