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You've Been Walking on Us For Decades

And We Couldn't Be More Proud

Founded in 1972, PLI is the largest private-label manufacturer of floating wood and laminate flooring underlayment in North America.

Made in the USA

And Backed by a Twenty-Five Year Warranty

Tailored Solutions

We will customize products to your specifications, while simultaneously meeting IIC, STC, Delta and WVTR targets.

Finished Products

We offer customized package designs to create a product that is informative and attractive, contributing to us being the leading private label manufacturer and Big-Box supplier.

Material Offerings

We offer a variety of materials to cover the full spectrum of requirements, including PE, PP, XLPE, XLPP, XPS, EVA, Synthetic Fiber and specialty foams.

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North America's Leading Underlayment Manufacturer

PLI manufactures premium flooring underlayment with advanced manufacturing processes. We manufacture a full range of products using a variety of materials to meet your specific performance needs. Revolutionize your flooring projects with our advanced underlayment technology.

Your Trusted Manufacturing Partner

PLI underlayments are made in the United State of America and are backed by a 25-year warranty. In addition to our widest range of products, we have a dedicated 225,000 square foot flooring facility with new extrusion and recycling capabilities.

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Exceptional Performance

Our line of flooring underlayment is designed with your family's comfort in mind while protecting your floors. Our superior features include: Sound Reduction, Moisture Protection, Thermal Protection, Superior Strength, DIY Friendly Install and Safety (Odorless and Non-toxic).

sound properties

Sound Reduction

no moisture

Moisture Protection


Thermal Protection


Superior Strength


Safety: Odorless and Non-toxic

The Importance of Underlayment

Underlayment is the flooring substrate that sits between the subfloor and flooring system. This added layer provides protection against moisture, reduces thermal transmission, reduces sound both in-room and below room and also provides additional support to help protect the integrity of your flooring system. Our line of offerings include DIY friendly products, making it easy for anyone to use.

Sound Reduction

Reduces sound in-room and below-room.

Moisture Protection

Protects against harmful moisture vapors.

Thermal Protection

Makes floor warmer and more comfortable.

Superior Strength

Protects locking system and joints.