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Our Quality Policy reflects our customer focus orientation and dedication to quality as team

ISO 9001:2015

PLI - Suwanee is a certified manufacturer specializing in the flooring, automotive and other industries

As an authorized manufacturer of laminated and engineered hardwood flooring underlayment, we are specialized in working with a multitude of materials including XLPE, XLPP, Standard PE, Synthetic Fiber and specialty foams. We are able to customize a product to our customer specifications to meet industry quality and technical standards.

Our dedication to quality includes utilizing, maintaining and continuously investing in top-of-the-line engineered fabrication machinery and comprehensive preventive maintenance programs. We monitor our adherence to project specifications through the incorporation of many variance control techniques.

Our flooring products are appreciated for adding quality, comfort and protection to the finished floor applications for industrial and residential projects.

We take great pride in our shipping and customer service departments which adds to the overall desirability of working with PLI (Pak-Lite) on all your critical projects.