Founded in 1972, PLI is the largest private-label manufacturer for floating wood and laminate flooring underlayment in North America. We offer a variety of materials to cover the full spectrum of requirements, including XLPE, XLPP, XPS, Standard PE, Synthetic Fiber and specialty foams. We can customize a product to your specification to meet IIC, STC, Delta and WVTR targets. We can customize package designs to create a product that is informative and attractive contributing to us being the leading OEM and Big-Box supplier.

PLI premium flooring underlayment is made right here in the USA and is backed by a warranty that lasts for twenty-five years. Our line of flooring underlayment is designed with your family’s comfort in mind while protecting your floors. Our superior features include:

  • Excellent sound properties
  • Moisture and vapor protection
  • Non-allergenic and nontoxic materials
  • Inhibits the growth of mold and mildew
  • Recyclable
  • A green product

Why is Underlayment Important?

Underlayment is the cushion between the subfloor and the flooring. From moisture control to shock absorption, underlayment can improve your flooring experience. Here’s what underlayment does for you:

Smooth Floor—The subfloor may be uneven, creating a rough walking surface. Underlayment fills in gaps and levels the floor out so the flooring can be smooth. The smoother floor allows for an easier walking experience due to the softness of the underlayment.

Moisture Protection—It is mandated by the flooring manufacturers that a water vapor barrier needs to be installed before the flooring is laid. Our underlayment meets and exceeds the necessary protection requirements.

Sound Barrier—Underlayment acts as an acoustic enhancer, improving the sound quality both in the room, and in the room below.

Temperature Control—Underlayment acts as insulator, thereby limiting the effect of cold or heat under the floor from affecting the floor surface temperature.

What We Offer

Blue Hawk
Designed exclusively for Lowes, Blue Hawk is an advanced 4-in-1 underlayment that tops every other underlayment when it comes to features and benefits. Blue Hawk is incredibly easy to use with:

    • Fan-fold panels that are easy to install
    • Interlocking latches to connect each sheet
    • Printed-grid pattern to allow for sizing and cutting
    • Built-in lip and tape to seal it for water vapor protection.

Blue Hawk materials are odor-less and resistant to allergens. This provides a healthier living and work environment. The underlayment is easier to handle, easier to install and provides the best water vapor barrier in the industry.


If you need an underlayment designed for vinyl products, we offer Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) underlayment such as Selitbloc and Wunderlayment. LVT underlayment focuses on sound-management properties that substantially reduce the noise being transmitted through the LVT down to the floor below.


Need an underlayment that meets your specific needs? We specialize in producing private-label underlayment that can be matched to the standards you may require. We can customize our underlayment to suit you.

Whether you need an underlayment that protects against moisture or enhances sound, we have the product for you.

We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations through people, teamwork and continuous improvement.

Blue Hawk Advanced 4-in-1 Underlayment Installation

This video is demonstrating how to install Blue Hawk Advanced 4-in-1 Underlayment, which is sold at Lowes Stores.