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2mm floor Comfort fanfold

You’ve been walking on us for years…

North America’s Leading Underlayment Manufacturer

  • Advanced Underlayment Technology that installs as easy as 1-2-3!
  • Available in thicknesses 2mm in silver – 5mm with lip and tape in gold

Europe’s leading underlayment technology, German design….American perfected. The Floor Comfort Underlayment comes with excellent features and benefits for all floating floor applications.

  • Superior moisture and vapor protection (lip and tape included)
  • Industry leading thermal Insulation (energy cost savings)
  • Smoothing of minor surface imperfections up to 2mm
  • excellent sound properties
  • Vapor ridges available ONLY in 5mm thickness
  • A Green Product – 100% recyclability
  • Non-allergenic and odor free
  • Made in the USAFloorScore_SCS_4C

The Floor Comfort Underlayment is superior to most underlayment in the industry with unique installation features.

  • 5mm_gold_easytolatch
    Fanfold panels makes it “easy to lay ” compared to your traditional rolls
  • 5mm_gold_easytolatch
    Clicks together with interlocking edges for “easy to latch”, no chance of overlap or gaps
  • 5mm_gold_easytocut
    Cutting grid pattern makes it “easy to cut” XPS foam cuts easily with precision
  • 5mm_gold_easytotape
    Pre-taped sides of the lip and tape makes it “easy to seal

NEW product! Floor Comfort Sealing & Spacer Belt.