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  • Manufacturing underlayment solutions for all types of flooring now including LVT.
  • Sound transmission between floors has never been more important than now with the growth of LVT flooring.

SelitblocPLI manufactures premium flooring underlayment specially for LVT floors. We provide solutions for architects, general contractors and/or acoustical engineers seeking a higher quality underlayment for their customers with multi-floor requirements.

We manufacture a number of products designed for different applications of LVT.

Our LVT underlayments are made right here in the USA and are backed by our 25-year warranty. Our features include moisture and vapor protection, excellent sound properties, non-allergenic and nontoxic, inhibits the growth of mold and mildew and recyclable.

Our Patent Pending Wunderlayment No.86/336,683 (citation needed) is a premium pad designed for both glue down and floating applications. It is designed by us to meet the challenges facing our customers in meeting the acoustical demands for multi storey buildings, while giving the firm support to the locking systems of the click products. Our control HD high density XLPP underlayment is a good basic product for floating and glue down LVT products, and works both for floating floors and glue down applications.

Our Selitbloc Underlayment designed for floating LVT was specifically developed to meet the need for acoustic improvements while also protecting the LVT from damage caused by wear and tear. The limited deflection, yet leveling and joint friendly composite, ensures a flooring structure that is stable, even, noise dampening and comfortable to walk on. Additionally the GripTec surface prevents “walking” of the floor boards which could cause damage over time.

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Let Pak-Lite be your OEM or Private label manufacturer for products that meet your customer’s needs. At Pak-Lite “we manufacture success”. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations through people, teamwork and continuous improvement.

PLI is an authorized manufacturer and converter of underlayment flooring products for the Pregis Lip & Tape. US Patent Nos. RE38,745; 5,968,630; 6,607,803; 7,047,705 and 7,485,358.


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