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Custom Fabrication Materials

Engineered for Your Exact Need

PLI is one of the most diversified foam and material fabricators in North America. PLI (Pak - Lite) provides complete custom solutions for OEM companies across a wide range of industries. Our skilled and experienced engineering department helps provide solutions to the world's largest and most innovative manufacturers.

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PLI has considerable expertise developing and applying laminates and materials that enhance product performance and longevity, such as films. Plastic Films/Sheet includes the following: • Polyester, Noryl®, Lexan®, Nylon, Polystyrene, Mylar®, ABS, Kapton®, Teflon®

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Oxtex mesh is a specialty nonwoven material that enhances your product's performance. Reinforcing webbing is a special cross-lamination of polyethylene open mesh of intricate strands. It is often used in the reinforcement of composites such as nonwovens, films, foils, and paper. Otx reinforcement webbing is versatile, lightweight, and durable. It can be found in crop covers, house wraps, produce packaging, reinforcement tapes, filtration, and much more.

Material Fabrication for Any Need